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Chin-su Tomato Sauce


Brand  Chinsu (Vietnam)
Original Vietnam
Recomend using Used to dip dishes, fried, grilled such as fried chicken, shrimp rolls. Serve with dishes such as fried noodles, fried noodles, spaghetti...
Capacity 250g, 500g
Packaging Bottle

Ingredients: Water, sugar, tomato concentrate from 100% fresh tomatoes 158g/1kg, stabilizer (1422,415), salt, flavor enhancer (640, 635, 950), acidity regulator (260, 330, 270), preservative (211, 202), synthetic flavoring, antioxidant (223, 221, 300), coloring agent (natural caramel (150a), ponceau 4R, synthetic sunset yellow FCF), onion powder. The product contains ingredients derived from wheat, sulfites.