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Maggi Concentrated Soy Sauce 300 mL

Product information
Format Bottle

300 mL


24 Bottles/ Carton




Nestlé Co Ltd,.

Expire Date

18 Months

Cartons/ 20ft


Barcode 8934804020389
HS Code 21031000
Delivery Time


Nutritional ingredients in the product

- Soy sauce has a delicious taste and is made from soybeans, so it will provide the body with protein, and also add iodine, sodium and some other substances. According to information printed on the product packaging, 4ml of Hong Hanh fish sauce will provide about 2.2 kcal.

Effects of the product on health

Some outstanding health effects of relative water include:

  • Provides nutrients
  • Improve digestion
  • Laxative
  • Good for the intestines
  • Add antioxidants
  • Boost metabolism

Product manual

- Soy sauce is a familiar and favorite dipping sauce and seasoning in many families. You can use Maggi soy sauce to dip directly, mix dipping sauces, season dishes, marinate foods,... to enhance the flavor of dishes when preparing and enjoying.

Notes when using and preserving the product

- After use, you should close the lid tightly to ensure product hygiene. Store in a cool, dry place, away from high temperatures or direct sunlight. Avoid letting water or dirt fall in, affecting product quality.

Note: Do not use products that have expired, have signs of mold or strange odors to avoid negative effects on your health.

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