SEIVINA - Import Export Company Limited

SEIVINA - Import Export Company Limited


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About Us

Seivina Import Export Co., Ltd! Established on May 22nd, 2017, we take pride in being one of the top FMCG companies in Vietnam.                    

Seivina is the name we proudly give to our relentless efforts in exporting high-quality products to over 10 countries worldwide. We have built trustworthy partnerships with key markets such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Australia.

With a mission of delivering fast-moving consumer goods to consumers around the globe, we are proud to be the leading exporting company in Vietnam. Our major partners include top brands such as P&G, Unilever, and many more, ensuring quality and commitment throughout our working relationship.



Vision: Our vision is to become one of the leading import-export companies in Vietnam, providing high-quality and diverse products to consumers worldwide. We are committed to promoting sustainable development and building long-term strategic partnerships with our FMCG industry partners.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver quality and reliable products to global customers. By focusing on innovation, improving quality, and enjoying markets, we put customers at the center of all our business activities. We are committed to bringing true value to both customers and partners through excellent service and exporting high- quality products from Vietnam to countries all over the world.

Why Us:

  1. Quality products: Our company is committed to providing high-quality FMCG products. We use strict quality control processes and adhere to international quality standards to ensure that our products meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  2. Diverse range of products: We offer a wide range of FMCG products, from food and beverages to household and personal care products. Customers can find everything they need from one reliable source, saving time and effort in searching for products from multiple sources.
  3. Competitive prices: We ensure that our customers receive competitive and reasonable prices. We constantly optimize our production and distribution processes to save costs and share these benefits with our customers.
  4. Professional service: We prioritize our customers in all business activities. Our team of staff is always ready to support and meet customer requirements in a professional manner, from order placement to product delivery and after-sales service.
  5. Environmentally friendly: We are committed to developing environmentally friendly FMCG products. We care about minimizing waste, using renewable energy sources, and recycling materials to reduce negative impacts on the environment.
  6. Experience and reputable brand: We have many years of experience in the FMCG industry and have built a trustworthy brand. Customers can trust that we will provide them with the best possible products and services.




We continuously seek new opportunities to expand our business operations and enhance quality control. We believe that long-term partnerships and satisfied customers are the keys to our success.


Please feel free to contact us for more information and collaboration opportunities. Thank you!