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Traditional Highlands coffee

Brand Highlands
Origin Vietnam
Flavour Coffee
Use for Adults

Add 3 tablespoons (about 20g) of powdered coffee, shake well and gently press the lid inside.

Use about 20ml of pure water 96 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius, light the pan, wait for the coffee to soak evenly.

Then add about 45ml of boiling water. Add sugar, milk, ice as you like to your taste.

Capacity 200g
Packaging Package

The traditional 200g Highlands coffee belongs to Highlands Coffee's phin coffee line, using premium Robusta and Arabica beans grown in the highlands of Vietnam roasted and mixed in a way exclusively from Highlands experts. Producing delicious coffee is your perfect choice to start the day sober, refreshed, help you get the job done faster, more effectively, above all support many aspects of your health.