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Pigeon 2in1 Sunflower Wash & Shampoo


Pigeon gentle shampoo with sunflower extract is a shampoo product especially suitable for sensitive baby skin. The product is a formula from Japan that helps gently clean and nourish your baby's hair and skin to become healthy and smooth. The sunflower essence contained in Pigeon shampoo provides nutrients that help nourish and protect the skin, limit irritation, and create a pleasant, relaxing fragrance.

Outstanding features of the product
- Gentle Pigeon shower gel with sunflower extract combines shower gel and shampoo two in one, providing convenience and better service for baby care.

- Pigeon bath and shampoo with formula from Japan helps gently clean, balance pH, nourish baby's hair and sensitive skin to become healthy and smooth.

- Shampoo ingredients contain sunflower essence with high levels of Vitamins A, C, D and carotenoids that create a "barrier" to protect the skin, unclog pores, and increase antioxidants. , destroys bacteria that cause damage to the skin, thereby limiting irritation.

- The product has safe ingredients, does not contain Paraben, can be used for all skin types and is especially suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

- The gentle fragrance that lingers after every hour of bathing will make your baby always excited and comfortable.

- Gentle formula from Japan.
- Forms a moisturizing film for the skin after cleansing with water, you can see the smoothness of the skin immediately after using with water. Specialized products for children's skin always need this moisturizing layer to nourish and protect the baby's skin.
- Extract rich in Vitamin E
- Natural nutrients extracted from Sunflower seeds.
- For infants and young children.
- Suitable for all baby skin types.

Product manual
- How to use: Put a small amount of Pigeon shower gel on a shower sponge or palm, gently apply evenly on baby's skin and hair. Then clean with water bath.

- Note: For external use only. Stop using if skin irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

- Preserved in dry, cool place. Close the lid after use.

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