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P/S Charcoal Toothpaste & P/S Toothbrush 230g


P/S charcoal toothpaste is a line of toothpaste made from P/S's natural quintessence and exclusive technology from P/S to give you naturally bright white teeth, helping your teeth stay strong and prevent tooth decay. Prevent tooth decay as much as possible.

High-quality activated carbon: helps absorb and clean stains and plaque from food, returning natural whiteness to teeth, providing outstanding whitening results.

North Asian bamboo leaf essence: antibacterial, fresh breath

P/S technology: distills quintessential nutrients from nature, bringing outstanding whitening results, fresh breath and helping teeth stay strong.

Bright white teeth are what everyone wants, they help you have a more beautiful smile and be more confident. However, there are too many current teeth whitening methods, including natural methods such as using soda, lemon juice, pink salt, etc. Now, you can choose toothpaste with activated carbon P/S to help whiten your teeth while also saving time.

User manual

- Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by your dentist.


- Product contains Sodium Fluoride.
- Children under 6 years old should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and must have the guidance of an adult. Consult a doctor if the cream is swallowed.


- Close the cap of the cream tube after use.
- Avoid leaving the cream in direct sunlight for a long time.

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