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Nestlé NESVITA (16 packs, 400g)


A few words about the brand
Nesvita is a brand known to consumers for its line of nutritious cereal products, owned by the Nestlé group with a history of development since 1866. Currently, Nesvita is one of the leading production and trading brands. Sales of top quality cereals in the Vietnamese market.

Nutritional ingredients in the product
Nesvita 400g nutritional cereal product contains very good nutritional values for health such as: Calories, sugar, fat, sodium, protein, calcium, fiber, iron, Vitamin A. Average in 100g of Nesvita cereal contains about 424 kcal.

Effects of the product on health
Nesvita nutritional cereal contains natural whole grain ingredients, in addition to being supplemented with nutrients such as: Calcium, fiber, vitamins and iron, supplementing nutrition and providing enough energy. Daily activities for adults.

The product contains high nutritional content and is easy to digest, making it a very good food for sick people and malnourished children.

Product manual
You can use Nesvita nutritional cereal by mixing 1 packet of 25g cereal with 120 - 140ml of warm water (60 - 65 degrees Celsius), stir well and enjoy.

Should use 1 - 2 packets/day.

Delicious dishes from the product
Cereal is a nutritional supplement drink, used very commonly today. Not only can it be used to prepare drinks, you can also use cereal to make delicious, unique dishes such as: Cereal fried chicken, cereal cookies, fruit cereal yogurt,...

Notes when using and preserving the product
Store cereals in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Do not use expired products.

Suitable for adults and children over 6 years old.

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