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Moony Pant Diapers For Boys Size L (9-14kg) 44 Pieces

Product information




44 pieces




Diana Unicharm J.S.Co

Expire Date

36 months



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Moony diaper pants for boys size L 44 pieces are diapers for boys from 9-14kg under the famous Moony brand in Japan, manufactured by the famous Unicharm corporation. Moony diapers apply completely new technology on the hips with a soft, completely elastic fabric membrane.

Outstanding advantages

. Very good absorbency: with soft cotton layer and breathable layer, creating a comfortable, dry and pleasant feeling for your baby.
. Especially with skin conditioners and Vitamin E: helps prevent baby diaper rash.
. The elastic waistband is designed to be very elastic: prevents reflux into the shirt when the baby lies down. Babies will enjoy a comfortable, soft feeling, especially for young babies who have to use diapers 24/7.
. High absorbency: absolutely safe for your baby with anti-spill design, best protecting your baby.
. Moony Japanese diapers have both stickers and pants: very convenient for babies.

User manual

. With Moony patch diapers: Mother lifts the baby's legs and puts the diaper underneath the baby. Be careful so that the top edge of the diaper is at the level of the baby's waist area. Pull the bottom flap of the diaper upward through the middle of the baby's legs, secure the position, then fold the corner on one side over the flap and gently tighten it. Then, you fold the other corner on top, peel off the membrane of the sticky edge and in turn glue the two flaps together. Pay attention so that the diaper fits tightly against the baby's lower abdomen.
. With Moony pants diapers: Mothers just need to wear them for the baby and pull them close, be careful to wear them evenly on both sides.

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