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Moony Pant Diapers For Boys (13~28kg, 26 pieces)

Product information


- Permeable membrane: Non-woven fabric (Polyolefin, Polyester).
- Absorbent core: Paper pulp, super absorbent granules.
- Sticky ears: Polyolefin.
- Fiber elastic: Polyurethane, Adhesive polymer.

- Very absorbent, with a soft material layer and a breathable layer, creating a comfortable, dry, and pleasant feeling for your baby.
- The elastic waistband is designed to be very elastic, preventing reflux into the shirt when the baby lies down. Babies will enjoy a comfortable, soft feeling, especially for young babies who have to use diapers 24/7.
- High absorbency, absolutely safe for babies with anti-spill design, best protection for babies.
- Designed for boys to use very conveniently.

Intended users: Size M for babies from 6 to 13-28kg.

- According to the description on the packaging.
- Check the front and back and then put it on so your baby can stand in a steady position like when wearing normal pants. Open both sides of the diaper with both hands and bring the diaper over your baby's legs.
- Pull the diaper up firmly to the level of the navel so that there is no gap around the thighs.
- Make sure the elastic edge around the belly and the fringe around the legs do not roll back inward.
- Changing diapers when there is feces in the diaper: Removing the diaper is very simple without getting your hands dirty, just lay the baby down and tear the seam on the side.

Note: Change diapers at regular intervals and change immediately after your baby poops.

Storage: Dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, out of reach of children.

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