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Moony Natural Diapers Size M (6~11kg, 46 pieces)


Moony Natural diapers size M 46 pieces is a product line for babies from 6-11kg of the Moony brand from Japan's Unicharm corporation. Super premium Moony Natural diapers with outstanding improvements, using the first organic cotton surface in Japan.

Outstanding advantages

. Smooth air-conditioning edges: Helps the diaper curve to fit the baby's body, effectively preventing leaks.
. 360° stretchy 3-round elastic waist fabric: Helps stay dry all day long, no worries about stuffiness and red rashes.
. OHESO umbilical groove: Helps protect the newborn baby's immature navel.
. Super soft and smooth Nano fiber: Gently cares for your baby's sensitive, fragile skin with high-quality, super anti-smudge cotton core.
. The wet indicator helps signal to the mother when it is time to change the baby's diaper: On the outside of the diaper there is a yellow indicator line. When the indicator line changes from yellow to blue, it is time to change the baby's diaper.

User manual

. The back of the diaper has a fixed sticker. Open the new diaper and place it around your baby's legs, pulling it up to hip level.
. Pull firmly on the tape so the diaper fits tightly. The back is completely stretchable so mothers don't have to worry about the diaper being too tight.


. Make sure the diaper belt area is above the baby's navel.
. When applying, the tape should be stretched so that the spill-proof area on the back is pulled out.

Note: Change diapers at regular intervals and immediately after your baby poops. Stop use and consult a doctor if skin abnormalities appear.

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