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Moony Diapers Size L (9~14kg, 54 pieces)


Moony diapers size L 54 pieces are famous diapers for babies from 9-14kg under the Moony brand, manufactured by the famous Unicharm corporation (Japan). The product has very good absorbency, with a soft cotton layer and a breathable layer, creating a comfortable, dry, and pleasant feeling for your baby.

Outstanding advantages

. Skin-friendly
+ Soft and smooth diaper surface, supplemented with natural Olive oil essence to care for the skin and prevent diaper rash.
+ International OEKO-TEX certification: international certification of products using safe, anti-toxic raw materials.

. Maximum spill resistance
+ Designed to fit the back, legs and thighs, creating no gaps, helping to prevent spills.
+ Origami technology with 2 soft elastic bottom lines, preventing marks on baby's skin.

. Super absorbent
+ 12 hours Super absorbent and dry: thanks to high-quality cotton core and breathable fabric membrane.
+ Oheso design helps protect the baby's tender newborn navel.
+ Wet indicator line helps mothers easily check and determine diaper change time.

User manual
. The part of the diaper with the tape is the back part. Stand up the diaper elastic and place the diaper under the baby's bottom as shown. This is a double-sided diaper, so place the expanded diaper close to your baby's upper back. Thus, the diaper will fit tightly to the baby's body.
. To keep the diaper edge from folding, use one hand to hold the baby's belly, while the other hand pulls the tape to stick it symmetrically on the left and right sides.
. Apply the tape in a position so that the tape does not stick directly to the baby's skin.

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