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Me Trang mink roasted coffee

Brand Mê Trang (Việt Nam)
Origin Vietnam
Flavour Coffee
Use for Adults

Add 3 tablespoons (about 20g) of powdered coffee, shake well and gently press the lid inside.

Use about 20ml of pure water 96 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius, light the pan, wait for the coffee to soak evenly.

Then add about 45ml of boiling water. Add sugar, milk, ice as you like to your taste.

Capacity 500g
Packaging Package

Me Trang mink roasted coffee with a unique formula for cultivating probiotics to digest the unique mink stomach juice, thereby selecting the best coffee beans and through the modern roasting process, producing the best quality roasted coffee products. The taste of Me Trang coffee in the head sips will smell a bit similar to the smell of burnt wood, mixed with the characteristic bitterness of coffee, although strange but no less delicious, true to the standard "taste" of Vietnamese mink coffee famous in the world