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Intensive moisturizing Dove Shower Gel 527ml

Brand Dove  (Uk and Netherlands)
Scent Mild Aroma
Origin Vietnam
Use for Body
Uses Put a sufficient amount of product in the palm or soft towel, then gently apply it to the person to foam, then bathe again with clean water.
Capacity 527ml
Packaging bottle
Suitable for  All Skin Types

Dove body moisturizer 527ml is a line of moisturizing shower gels from The Dove brand of Unilever Group of the US, NutriumMoisture moisturizing essence ingredients help nourish the skin outstandingly, helping the skin stay moisturized, smooth, along with tiny seeds to help remove dead cells gently to make the skin radiant. Stearic Acid ingredients and rice bran oil nourish the skin from deep inside, antioxidants protect the skin strongly.