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Ariel Top Load Laundry Detergent Liquid Downy Perfume

Product information

Advantages of the product

  • Some outstanding advantages of the product:
  • Concentrated gel form for outstanding washing ability
  • Suitable for both hand washing and machine washing
  • Safe for the user's skin
  • Leaves a cool fragrance on clothes
  • Eliminates musty odors
  • Packed in bags for easy use and storage


  *ARIEL Concentrated: concentrated gel detergent helps remove stains 2X better in just 1 washing step. Saves time and effort of housewives.
  *ARIEL Downy Perfume: Perfume fragrance stays long on shirts and pants. Washing liquid makes fabric bright white and soft as new.
  *ARIEL Gentle: ARIEL Gentle is ARIEL's new laundry detergent specifically for sensitive skin with a special formula No bleach. ARIEL formula is gentle and does not cause skin irritation. It also blends immediately with water and does not remain on the fabric when rinsing like regular laundry detergent. With copyrighted 3D technology that penetrates deep into each fabric fiber, ARIEL Gentle laundry detergent ensures removal of the most stubborn stains for babies such as food grease, dirt, pollution, and body stains.
  *ARIEL Preserves Color: Penetrates deep into fabric fibers making it easier to remove stains. Fresh fragrance. Keeps clothes color better than washing powder. Prevents clothes from fading, helps clothes stay fresh.
  *ARIEL Mold Deodorizer: Prevents odors. Eliminates mold and bacteria. Protects clothes from odors all day long. Prevent bacteria from growing on clothes.
 User manual:

  • Hand wash: 15ml for 5 - 7 clothes
  • Machine wash: 45ml for 1 normal wash (15 - 20 clothes)

User manual

- Put detergent in the dedicated compartment and proceed with washing as usual

  • Hand wash: with 15ml for 5 - 7 clothes
  • Machine wash: 45ml for 1 regular wash (15 - 20 clothes)

Ingredients and uses:

- Applying high technology with many effective cleaning ingredients helps remove many stubborn stains (grease, coffee stains...). Concentrated gel form gives outstanding washing ability, helping to remove all stains 2 times better in just 1 washing step, clothes will be bright white, leaving no residue and a fresh fragrance. No need to soak clothes to clean all stains, saving water and time, increasing durability and preserving fabric color.

Note: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, please consult a physician. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Storage: Store in a dry, clean place.

American brand origin.

Expiry date: 18 months from date of manufacture.

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