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Ariel Sunshine Detergent Powder


Advantages of Ariel Matic washing powder with sunshine scent

  • Ariel washing powder with Morning Sun flavor is applied with a quick stain removal formula and enzyme biotechnology, helping to not only remove the most stubborn stains on clothes but also protect the skin of the user's hands, without causing harm. to the environment.
  • Contains no bleach.
  • Ingredients contain antibacterial ANTIBAC, giving clothes a fresh scent and protecting the washing drum from mold.
  • Large volume, more economical use.

Instructions for using Ariel Matic laundry detergent with sunshine scent

First, you need to sort the clothes and rinse them with clean water before washing. The product can be suitable for both hand washing and machine washing:

  • For hand washing: Use 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent for a small amount of washing of about 10 - 15 clothes and 1.5 spoon for an average amount of washing of 15-20 clothes.
  • For machine washing: Use 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent for a machine washing load of 5 - 7kg for medium stains, and 3 tablespoons for stubborn stains.

How to preserve and note when using Ariel Matic laundry detergent with apricot scent

- Note, you need to keep washing powder out of reach of children and absolutely do not swallow it. If you accidentally swallow the product, call your doctor for advice. Avoid getting detergent in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

- In addition, you need to follow the laundry instructions on the clothing label and check the color fastness before washing to avoid damaging the fabric when washing the item.

- Ariel laundry detergent needs to be stored in a dry, cool and clean place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

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