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Ambi Pur Air Lavender Spring & Renewal Spray 275g


Ambi Pur room scent spray helps eliminate odors, keeping rooms clean and fragrant. Room scent spray helps rooms become clean and fragrant after just 1 minute of use, extremely fast effect. Ambi Pur room spray fresh spring scent 275g brings a fresh, gentle fragrance to your room.

Product advantages

  • Ingredients are safe for the health of people in the room
  • Helps deodorize effectively, eliminating unpleasant odors such as mold, insects,...

User manual

  • Shake the room spray bottle well
  • Hold the can upright, pull the lever and spray gently

How to preserve and note about the product

  • Preserved in dry, cool place
  • Do not keep near heat source
  • Avoid spraying on skin or eyes
  • Do not use when there are pregnant women and children under 3 years old in the house
  • Do not burn or puncture the air freshener
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