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P/S Sensitive Mineral Expert Fresh Mint 100g Toothpaste


1 in 3 people experience tooth sensitivity (tooth sensitivity). The reason is that the mineral layer that protects the tooth enamel is eroded, exposing the dentinal tubules, creating conditions for hot and cold catalysts to stimulate the tooth nerve, causing sensitivity.

Sensitive Mineral Expert Whitening by P/S toothpaste helps relieve tooth sensitivity after 30 seconds so you can comfortably enjoy your favorite foods. Mineral effects (HAP, K, Zn) help bring immediate, long-lasting and natural results and also enhance teeth whitening:

- Potassium mineral helps reduce the feeling of sensitivity immediately after only 30 seconds
- HAP mineral helps regenerate tooth enamel for long-term results
- Zn mineral helps fight bacteria in the oral cavity and care for gums
- Enhances gentle teeth whitening by restoring teeth's natural whiteness.

User manual:
- Brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening or as directed by your dentist.
- Use at least 1g of toothpaste each time you brush, equivalent to enough toothpaste to cover the entire length of the toothbrush bristles.
- Children under 6 years old should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste under adult supervision.
- Save water by closing the faucet while brushing your teeth.
- Product for children 2 years and older.

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