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Old Spice Pure Sport 2 In 1 Shampoo

Brand Old Spcice ( USA)
Origin USA
Use for Male
Uses  Wet the hair, rub the shampoo gently on the hair and scalp, massage and rinse again with water
Capacity 650ml
Scent Timber with sandalwood, bearlove, pure sport
Packaging Bottle

The Old Spice Timber brand is one of the most trusted products by men in the US. The perfect hair care solution, shampoo and conditioner in one product. The product is a combination of red wood with a cool mint scent. With a strong, powerful fragrance, it gently cleanses the dirt and excess oil on the scalp. More specifically, it can keep a special scent on your hair for a long time. Helps clean, moisturize, comprehensive care, help hair resist damage, balance moisture. The hair becomes strong, soft, easy to comb and the scalp is clean and cool.