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Moony Natural Paint Diapers Size XL (12~22kg, 32 pieces)


Moony Natural diaper pants size XL 32 pieces is a product line for babies from 12-22kg of the Moony brand from Japan's Unicharm corporation. Super premium Moony Natural diapers with outstanding improvements, using the first organic cotton surface in Japan.

Outstanding advantages

. Smooth air-conditioning edges: Helps the diaper curve to fit the baby's body, effectively preventing leaks.
. 360° stretchy 3-round elastic waist fabric: Helps stay dry all day long, no worries about stuffiness and red rashes.
. OHESO umbilical groove: Helps protect the newborn baby's immature navel.
. Super soft and smooth Nano fiber: Gently cares for your baby's sensitive, fragile skin with high-quality, super anti-smudge cotton core.
. The wet indicator helps signal to the mother when it is time to change the baby's diaper: On the outside of the diaper there is a yellow indicator line. When the indicator line changes from yellow to blue, it is time to change the baby's diaper.

User manual

- Check the front and back, hold the child in a steady standing position and then put the diaper on the child like wearing pants. Use your hands to extend the diaper on both sides, allowing the child's feet to step over the diaper.
- Pull the back of the diaper up to the baby's navel so that the thigh gap does not appear.
- Check to make sure the elastic at the waistband and the fringe around the legs are not rolled back inward.


. Make sure the diaper belt area is above the baby's navel.
. When applying, the tape should be stretched so that the spill-proof area on the back is pulled out.

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