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Mentos chewing gum Pure Fresh

SKU: P36171

Type of candy Sugarless gum
Peppermint flavor Green tea with syrup
Volume 61.25g
Number of 45 tablets
Characteristics Give cool breaths, refresh your mind

Storage Store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Mentos brand
Place of production in Vietnam

Ingredients Sweetener maltitol (965 (i)), sorbitol (420 (i)), manitol (421), xylitol (967), syrup maltitol (965 (ii)), aspartam (951), acesulfam K (950) , Sucralose (955), gum, gum arabic thickener (414), sodium cacboxymethyl cellulase (466), moisturizing glycerol (422), natural peppermint flavor, natural and synthetic varieties, maltodextrin, emulsifier Soy lecithin (322 (i)), ester of sucrose with fatty acids (473), thickeners, polishes, green tea extracts, corn starch, antioxidants, synthetic colors