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Gouté Nutritional Seeds Crackers

Gouté (South Korea)
Uses Eaten as a snack or used to enjoy with tea
Capacity 154.4g, 316.8g
Packaging Box


Wheat Flour, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Animal and Vegetable Shortening, White Sesame Seeds (5.5%), Fresh Milk, Whey Powder, Glucose Malt, Flavouring Agent (503(ii), 500(ii)), butter, corn starch, black sesame seeds (0.9%), oats (0.9%), salt I - Iodine, salt seasoning (contains flavor enhancers (621), stabilizers (341(iii) ), Cheese Powder (Contains Stabilizer (339(iii) ), Dextrose Sugar, Sesame Oil, Frutose Malt, Dried Scallions, Red Quinoa (0.2%), Black Chia Seeds (0.2%) ), natural purple onion flavor, soy sauce, stabilizer (415), flour treatment agent (223), colorant Beta - Carotene synthetic 160a(i)