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Import and export enterprises suffer losses to keep customers

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The cost of transporting import and export goods increased continuously, in which the method of transportation by air increased 10 times compared to before the epidemic.

Import-export businesses said they are facing many difficulties and even losses when costs are high.

At a discussion on how to reduce import and export costs on April 6, a representative of an import-export business in Ho Chi Minh City assessed the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the world political situation that had a great influence on its operations. import and export. In particular, the fluctuating world oil price causes transportation and logistics costs to increase, which reduces the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods.... In order to maintain business relationships with customers, the company has to bear the burden. hole.

Sharing the same view, Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, Chairman of the Inter-Pacific Group (IPPG), added that many of the company's import orders had to slow down because of the "shocking" increase in shipping costs.

In particular, the price of international freight by air increased 3-4 times, even in some markets, it increased by 5-6 times compared to before the Covid-19 epidemic. Most recently, freight rates from Asian airports to the US spiked from 1-1.8 USD per kg in 2019 to 8-10 USD in 2021 and sometimes up 17-18 USD per kg. . As for sea freight, freight rates also increased 5 times compared to before the epidemic. Recently, container shipping fees continue to be announced by many shipping lines to increase by 20%. High import and export costs make many businesses no longer have enough strength to compete.

"With the price on imported and exported goods, it seems that there is no profit because the transportation cost eats away at profits. Meanwhile, to retain customers, many businesses still have to export and sell their products," said Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen.

He forecast that the world oil price will still fluctuate, affecting transportation in import and export. From that fact, he wished the functional branches, especially the customs, to continue to accompany and have solutions to support import and export enterprises to overcome difficulties. In addition to transparent procedures, customs quickly build and use systems to exchange data electronically with businesses and related agencies, on the basis of the existing national single window network to free customs software.

Sharing with businesses, Mr. Dao Duy Tam, Deputy Director of the Customs Supervision and Administration Department (General Department of Customs) said that continuing to promote digitization and administrative reform will cut customs clearance time. cross-border, save costs for businesses, help businesses improve competitiveness.

Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department offers 3 solutions to build a centralized and closed working model, carry out customs procedures 24/7 on the basis of establishing a separate information exchange channel between the Customs - General Department of Customs. Saigon Newport Company - enterprise.

At the same time, the customs will arrange a separate cargo loading area, have a plan for goods delivery and receipt at the wharf and separate moving channels for container trucks of businesses. At the same time, applying information technology to build an online monitoring system for the process of customs clearance - import and export goods delivery and assessment of satisfaction with civil servants and customs authorities.
Source: Vn Express


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