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Danisa Butter Biscuits (681g)

SKU: danisa-butter-biscuits--681g-

Danisa Butter Biscuits (681g) are made by the top Indonesian conglomerate Mayora. The product is made of high quality materials combined with modern technology, bearing the noble royal nobility of Denmark. Cake is easy to eat, delicious, fatty, crispy tan very attractive. Besides, the cakes also provide a lot of energy, protein and some vitamins so it is very suitable for snacks to nourish those who are busy. Danisa Butter Biscuits are produced using European technology from Denmark, have passed the strict inspection, bearing the royal noble. Danisa Cake ensures safe quality, no sugar, no toxic chemicals, bring peace of mind for you. The product is packaged in a high-quality tin and paper wrap that will not crack and retain its brilliance even after opening the package. Cake is the perfect choice when you have the need to buy boxes of cake to eat or bring gifts, relatives, family.