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Colgate Plax Peppermint Fresh


Colgate Plax peppermint product will help you effectively eliminate odors for a period of 10 to 12 hours. This is a very important point to help you be confident when communicating and interacting closely with others.

Colgate Plax ingredients such as fluoride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) and sodium fluoride are effective against bacteria that cause tooth decay. The product also helps clean deeply between teeth and does not irritate the skin of your oral mucosa.

- Colgate Plax mint has a favorite mint flavor ingredient, which helps - bring fresh breath and a refreshing feeling after use.
-Keeps breath fresh for up to 12 hours after brushing
- Gives a fragrant feeling 10 times cooler than just brushing your teeth
- Protects teeth from bacteria and keeps breath fresh
- Prevent tooth decay, fresh smile
- Alcohol-Free Formula does not harm tooth enamel and does not leave a burning sensation
- Ingredients containing CPC are antibacterial agents, killing 99% of bacteria
- Super high-end product line recommended by Dentists

Subjects of use

- Colgate Plax mint mouthwash duo can be used by everyone

User manual:

- Pour Colgate mouthwash into the bottle cap to the 20ML mark (up to the horizontal line of the cap)
- Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth or eating.
- Spit out the mouthwash and can rinse with clean water if desired

Preserve and pay attention when using the product

- Do not swallow.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Children under 6 years old should not use.
- Keep in a dry place, avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.
- Do not eat immediately after using mouthwash

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