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Chu Lai Port develops bulk cargo import and export services

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Chu Lai Port promotes the exploitation and export of bulk cargo, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to import and export goods, and attract goods to the port.

After the pandemic, the wave of shifting supply chains to Vietnam contributed to opening up opportunities for the development of large production areas across the country, including the Central - Central Highlands, leading to a great demand for logistics in the region. this. Besides container cargo, the volume of import and export bulk cargo also increased.

To meet the needs of customers, Chu Lai port (Quang Nam), belonging to Truong Hai International Freight Forwarding Company (Thilogi), has promoted the service of exploiting bulk cargo, creating favorable conditions for export enterprises. import goods, attract and increase the source of goods to the port.

Increased demand for import and export of bulk goods

Asia Creative Energy Company has just exported a large shipment of wood pellets from Chu Lai port to Japan. More than 11,000 tons of tablets were loaded onto the ship within 24 hours. Since the beginning of the year, the company has exported 130,000 tons of bulk cargo through Chu Lai port.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Tien - Director of Asia Creative Energy Company said that the entire process of registration, scheduling, loading and unloading process is strictly controlled by the port, creating favorable conditions and releasing ships quickly. The Liebherr crane system is enhanced with cargo handling (2 to 3 cranes at the same time) to help speed up the progress, save time and costs for businesses.

Commenting on the volume of bulk cargoes imported and exported through the port, Mr. Phan Van Ky - Director of Chu Lai port said that this segment has increased sharply in recent years. On average, each month the port receives 35-40 ships with more than 90,000 tons of cargo, mainly pellets, wood chips and commodities such as salt, soda, sand, limestone... accounting for about 30% of the total cargo. through the port.

On the other hand, the trend of shifting the supply chain also contributes to attracting many FDI enterprises to invest in the Central - Central Highlands provinces. The inflow of capital helps open up opportunities to form large production areas, increasing the demand for import and export of goods, including bulk goods.

In addition, the scarcity of fuel and gas supplies in the world also partly creates opportunities for pellets and wood chips exported from Vietnam. Prominently, there are the central provinces and the Central Highlands, which are advantageous areas for the production of this product thanks to the abundant raw materials from wood industry waste and agricultural by-products.

Many enterprises have long-term cooperation with Chu Lai port to import and export bulk cargo such as: Asia Creative Energy Company, Phu Tai, Thanh Thanh Dat, Quang Nam Paper Materials and Sun Paper Company (Laos). ..

Invest in improving the capacity of bulk cargo exploitation

According to a representative of Chu Lai port, over the past time, the import and export activities of bulk cargo along with container, liquid and gas cargoes play an important role, contributing to increasing output and diversifying the source of goods through the port. To meet the increasing demands of customers, the port has increased investment, upgraded infrastructure, expanded wharves; develop package logistics solutions; invest in specialized equipment; application of technology and software in mining activities to improve competitiveness.

The representative said that compared to container cargo, the handling and transportation of bulk cargo is complicated and requires a lot of specialized equipment to suit the nature of each type of cargo. The port has also invested in a fleet of specialized tractors to transport goods from factories, upgraded equipment such as shore crane systems, conveyor systems, excavators, excavators, bulldozers, and pouring hopper systems. , bottom discharge containers... The port is also equipped with grab buckets - specialized equipment for loading and unloading bulk cargoes of light weight and without specific structures such as ore, sand, salt, coal... out of the hold of the ship. easy, convenient.


Currently, Chu Lai port is completing the investment procedures for a port project to welcome ships of 50,000 tons. At the same time, the unit cooperates with Quang Nam province to invest in building a new Cua Lo channel with a depth of -13.2 m, dredging the Ky Ha channel from a depth of -8.5 m to -10 m, ready to take a big ship.

It is expected that the new port with a length of more than 365 m after being put into operation in September 2023, will focus on serving container ships. The existing port area uses the exploitation of bulk cargo in combination with liquid and gas... Chu Lai port expects that the projects when completed will contribute to meeting import and export demand in the region, creating a driving force for development. To develop the port into a hub for domestic and international trade.
Resource: Vnexpress


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