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Biz MBBank strives to meet the needs of import-export businesses

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Continuously refining and introducing products with the philosophy of putting users at the center, the number of businesses using services on Biz MBBank has increased 3 times since its launch.

International payment and trade finance services inherently have a high level of complexity, therefore, the consulting needs of enterprises with import and export activities in the process of transaction execution are always large. Therefore, digital products on Biz MBBank platform exclusively for this group of businesses always focus on connection points with banking service consultants. In addition to implementing products such as online international money transfer and online foreign currency sales on Biz MBBank, MB also provides LC import services using blockchain technology through Contour's platform

For online international money transfer service, 100% of operations and needs of businesses can be done on Biz MBBank. All interactions of businesses with MB's digital platform are closely followed by a team of consultants to support as soon as customers have a need for further advice.

Biz MBBank appreciates the ability to proactively self-service for businesses. Currently, online international money transfer on Biz MBBank can meet all the needs of customers related to international money transfer, including: creating money transfer orders, buying foreign currencies, modifying/tracing/ cancel, add documents and query money transfer. Besides, MB is also one of the first banks in Vietnam to apply the SWIFT gpi initiative, from which customers can track the time the beneficiary receives money in real time without any additional costs. fee.

For online foreign currency sales transactions on Biz MBBank, businesses with foreign currency sources on their current accounts can convert to VND as soon as the request to sell foreign currency is approved by the company. Interested in personalized customer experience, MB also provides MBeeChat feature so that customers can directly interact with experts at MB right in the Biz MBBank interface. Through MBeeChat, MB provides businesses with real-time exchange rate incentives and advises customers on short-term and long-term exchange rate trends.

With special services for businesses with import and export activities, which have a high level of complexity, MB strives to help customers increase efficiency in payment activities and seize better opportunities.

Mr. Tran The Khai, director of Dinh Vu Chemical Joint Stock Company, a business that has been attached to digital products for import-export customers of Biz MBBank from the very beginning, shared: "Enterprises can feel the continuous change from MB's products in the direction of focusing on business experience.With products such as selling foreign currency and transferring international money online, businesses do not need to go to the counter to make the delivery. translation, thereby saving time, costs and optimizing operations for businesses.

With the characteristics of international money transfer, in the past, to complete a transaction, businesses could need up to several hours, not to mention the time to travel to the branch office. However, with transactions on Biz MBBank, MB commits to complete transactions for businesses in only 60 minutes (applicable to transactions approved before 11 am). For foreign currency selling transactions, the transaction execution time is 100% automated.

"For international transactions, the time commitment of the service provider bank to businesses is very important. Thereby, we can seize many opportunities in the market," Mr. Khai shared. share more.

To do this, MB continuously improves internal processes and procedures to accelerate the speed and quality of service delivery to customers while focusing on seamless omni-channel experiences. Customers can always experience high-quality, synchronized import-export services with a market-leading processing time commitment when interacting with MB through any channel.

"MB is in the process of realizing its goal of becoming the most convenient digital bank for import-export customers," the MB representative added.

In the coming time, MB will continue to deploy more products such as loans for international money transfer and import consulting/issuance of letters of credit (LC) on Biz MBBank.




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