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Alpenliebe Caramel Hard Candy


Nutritional ingredients in Alpenliebe Caramel Hard Candy

  • Milk candy contains many nutrients such as protein, sugar, fat, and minerals necessary for the body.
  • In 100g of candy there are about 650 Kcal.

Effects of the product on health

  • Helps provide energy to the body
  • Provides blood sugar
  • Helps relax and reduce stress
  • The sweet, fragrant taste from milk cream blends with the seductive caramel flavor, creating a unique flavor, not mixed with any other product.

Notes when using and preserving Alpenliebe Caramel Hard Candy

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Use directly
  • Do not use products that are expired or show signs of damage
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