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7 petrol stations have their import licenses revoked

Tin tức

Deprived of petroleum import and export licenses of 7 key enterprises from July, but in August, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the information.

The clues temporarily having their license revoked for 1-2 months (depending on the unit) include Hung Phat Trading Production Co., Ltd; Hoa Khanh General Trading and Service Co., Ltd; Saigon Trading Corporation - One Member Limited Liability Company; Xuyen Viet Oil Trading, Transport and Tourism Company Limited; Phuc Lam Fuel Joint Stock Company; Phuc Loc Ninh Joint Stock Company and Vinh Long Petroleum Company Limited.

According to the General Department of Market Management, the decision to administratively sanction the above enterprises was made on the basis of inspection results at 33 key enterprises since March. The main violation is to maintain the reserve level. and petroleum imports are lower than the prescribed minimum level; categories are assigned annually; take no precautions; respond to chemical incidents and still put the project into operation...

The sanctioning decisions were made in July, but this information was recently updated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Therefore, for more than a month, many distribution traders said that they were still dealing with these clues under previously signed contracts due to lack of information.

Talking to the Department of Domestic Market (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Nghi Son Refinery Product Distribution Branch of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVNDB) said that a number of units whose licenses were temporarily revoked are still negotiating. to become a customer of PVNDB.

Therefore, the product outsourcing unit of Nghi Son Refinery was confused and asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade for guidance on the right to buy petroleum products of these key traders from PVNDB, helping businesses avoid the risk of violating regulations regulations on trading and consumption of petroleum products.

And distribution units are also worried that they may be fined if they import or buy goods from a number of key businesses that are having their licenses revoked. According to regulations, trading transactions with businesses that are being deprived of business rights are considered illegal trading. Therefore, in the case of oil refineries, key enterprises, and distribution traders, they may face risks and the risk of being fined.

"We are checking for more than a month whether there are any transactions with the above number of clues and requesting the management agency to guide and remove obstacles," a distribution trader shared.

In addition to 7 enterprises having been stripped of their licenses for trading in petrol and oil for 1-3 months, 11 other units were administratively fined 1.7 billion VND.

The form of sanction, in the opinion of the management agency, is in accordance with the regulations and does not affect the operation of the enterprise.
Currently, 18 fined enterprises have complied with the sanctioning decisions.

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