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5 potential groups of Vietnamese products for online export on Amazon

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Household appliances, apparel, health care products, home repair tools, gadgets... from Vietnamese brands that are popular with international customers on Amazon.

Gijae Seong, CEO of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam shared in episode 11 of Talkshow The Next Power, broadcast on VnExpress on July 21, that the above categories from Vietnamese sellers have outstanding sales on Amazon. . The data on the best-selling and favorite items in the international market shows the trend of consumption in the world.

Vietnamese businesses and those who are cherishing the intention of starting a cross-border online business can exploit these data, business orientation and appropriate strategy. According to Mr. Gijae, currently the following 5 categories not only have positive sales at the moment, but are expected to maintain stable growth in the future because they are true to user tastes.

The first is home appliances, including home decoration products, kitchen appliances, cooking utensils.... Second is apparel. Next are health care and personal care products such as food and functional foods. Finally, there are tools for home repair and other small utilities.

Vietnam's advantages are home-made, handmade, environmentally friendly products with unique and different designs compared to other countries. Two of the successful businesses recognized by international consumers through Amazon are Minh Long ceramics and HMG 3D popup cards. Both of these units focus on improving the design & processing of highly sophisticated products, bringing unique elements and Vietnamese product characteristics.

In addition, Mr. Gijae Seong also gave advice to Vietnamese sellers who are still afraid of the vastness of the cross-border e-commerce market. That is, do not be afraid when you do not understand the tastes of international users or the competitiveness is not strong enough. Instead, businesses and sellers can join, search for online training courses on Amazon, equipped with solid knowledge to make good use of available tools.

At the same time, a really quality product with full commitment to origin, ingredients, quality and warranty... will help increase prestige and attract more customers for the brand. The rest consists of technology, tools and data that have been supported by platforms, helping sellers and businesses promote and bring brands to customers thousands of kilometers away.

A "weapon" to help Vietnamese businesses bring their products to the world

E-commerce is a "level playing field", providing business opportunities for all. This industry is now not only a territory for the "big guys", but even retailers and small businesses can now seize it to start a successful business, bringing domestic products to the world. .

In order to fully take advantage of the advantages that this platform brings, sellers themselves first need to be fully equipped with "weapons" to be able to develop sustainably in the large market.

The first core "weapons" that Amazon representatives mentioned are understanding through language and expertise. According to him, knowledge and acumen, understanding are the key to online business anywhere. Meanwhile, language helps bring great plus points, supporting strategies and countermeasures to capture needs and customer psychology despite geographical distance.

The presence of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon Global Selling Vietnam is ready to support and provide appropriate technologies, tools and data, which are currently strongly localized to the Vietnamese language. . Thereby, sellers can quickly grasp user needs, take advantage of equipped resources, access courses from experts or from the Seller Academy to update & hone. Vietnamese enterprises can optimize business efficiency in the international market without having to go to the place to operate.

"With cross-border e-commerce, nothing is impossible. It's a higher level of innovation that allows you to sell your products in countries you've never even been to, nor even set foot in. need the help of any offline store," said Mr. Gijae Seong.

One of the efforts Amazon Global Selling Vietnam has made to timely and sustainably support domestic sellers is the cooperation program to implement the "Cross-Border E-Commerce: Breakthrough Era" initiative. The Ministry of Industry and Trade sponsors and cooperates with the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Thereby, in the next 5 years, Amazon & iDEA will strive to train 10,000 Vietnamese businesses ready to participate in cross-border e-commerce in Vietnam.

"Golden assets" from young human resources

Not only highlighting the opportunity of a rapidly growing international online business, the Amazon Global Selling Vietnam representative also pointed out a great advantage that the domestic market possesses. That is the bulk of the young population. Not only dynamic and agile, Vietnamese young people are also ready to challenge, absorb new knowledge and update technology quickly.

Mr. Gijae Seong said that this is the driving force that helps e-commerce in Vietnam develop strongly. In addition, the potential for export revenue of Vietnam is increasing, the potential to surpass neighboring countries when it is at the threshold of 300 billion USD.

On the other hand, according to AlphaBeta's report, Vietnam's e-commerce scale is currently about 3 billion USD. This figure compares to the export revenue of the whole country, accounting for only 1%. The director said that the smaller this ratio, the smaller the transnational e-commerce industry still has a lot of room for development.

That is clearly shown in the growth indicators Amazon recorded in the past year in terms of the number of sellers on the floor, the number of items, the number of successful orders and the breakthrough revenue of big brands. The number of sellers that recorded sales exceeding the $1 million mark also increased by 42% over last year. With this growth momentum, Mr. Gijae estimates Vietnam's cross-border e-commerce revenue will reach 11 billion USD by 2026.

From the external conditions and available potential, the Amazon Director said that now is a "golden" time for large platforms like them to help domestic sellers seize opportunities, gain insight to commit to investing. for a strong, drastic "game".

"Opportunities are open to everyone with e-commerce, which can be easily grasped by anyone anywhere. I myself am a foreigner, and have faced many difficulties to get used to new businesses. But with the support of developing cross-border business right at home from Amazon, I believe you can do bigger and better things than expected," said Mr. Gijae Seong. shall.



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